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Fibreboard is an engineered wood-based product formed by breaking down wood residuals into wood fibres, combining them with a resin binder and forming panels by applying temperature and (normal or increased) pressure. The fibres are oriented in all directions, giving fibreboard uniform quality and strength parameters regardless of the direction of loads applied. Thanks to the manufacturing process involving high temperature pressing, its structure is very compact.
Fibreboard types:
- hard fibreboard (T) - pressed and temperature hardened
- porous fibreboard P - unprocessed

• furniture making (rear walls and drawer bottoms)
• housing joinery (doors, cladding, partitions)

• packaging - timber trim, e.g. mirror and painting rear panels
• building industry as an acoustic/thermal insulation material for walls, floors and roofs

   Thickness [mm] Sheet Size [mm] Sheet size [mm]
Hard particle board 2-6  1220x 2400 1220x2750
Porous particle board 6-19 1220x 2400 1220x2750

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