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Particle board

Particle board is an engineered wood product manufactured by pressing wood chips and a suitable binder. Raw particle board is used for structural purposes. However it can be made more attractive by using veneers or laminates.
Applications of raw and clad particle board in the furniture and building industries
a) furniture industry:
   raw: upholstered furniture;
   clad: box furniture, kitchen furniture, worktops
b) building industry:
     raw: building woodwork (partition walls, subflooring, ceiling), doors, insulation material
     clad: postformed worktops, window sills, wall and floor panelling.

  Thickness [mm] Sheet Size [mm] Sheet Size [mm]
Raw particle board 12-28 2800x2070 2500x1830
Clad particle board 12-28 2500x1830 2500x1830

Easy machining (uniform in all directions), dimensional stability, favourable weight-to-strength ratio. Hygiene Class E1.


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